Sample Tacks:

We wanted "Fuck It" to sound wild and raw - sounding as close to a live show as it could get  - so it made sense that we went to the expert. Albini’s method is simple: use tried and true analog equipment (all of the mics and amps were chosen according to each individual band members’ style of playing); make a list of all of the songs on a piece of paper; play each song live together until we get a magic take; fix any blatant mistakes; throw the singer in front of the mic to finish the songs off with a final vocal track; mix.

The Live Room was a cathedral with a vaulted ceiling – drums for several of the songs were recorded there. The vocals for Bad Romance, Don’t Call Me Slut, Zombie Form New Jersey and Dirty Talk were also recorded in the live room, to get big sound and big emotion on to the tape.

No pro-tools, no auto-tune, no agonizing over small, niggling details like “maybe we should double up the vocals here… maybe we should digitally clean up the guitar sound over there…” Letting go of absolute perfection (which is silly to try and achieve in rock music anyway) gave us freedom to focus on imbuing the music with the emotion and power that comes from working only to please ourselves. As Albini said to John at one point, “You’re agonizing over one imaginary listener having a problem with what you just played. Fuck that. If they cared so much they could have gotten on a bus and come out here to help you record this album. But they didn’t. Let it go.”


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