the artwork

Since our friend Andrés lived with us in the studio for five days, he was became intimate with the songs and was able to come up with a concept for an album cover that visualized exactly the attitude of the sound. He and Christa spend the fall months looking for a model who could represent the spirit of the album (the spirit of “Fuck It”, as we say) on the cover. After asking friends of friends of friends for leads and after holding endless casting calls, they finally met The One. Stevie Tosh showed up at the last call a little late, but very apologetic and immediately got along with the band like a house on fire. A few weeks later, Andrés shot a series of photos for the album and lovingly put together a gorgeous, lush cover and interior art for our baby.

Christa, meanwhile, bragged to friends about her “grueling” days of “meeting delightful, half-naked models all day…” at the casting sessions. She was hated and envied by all.